Application Process


Please follow the directions outlined below for successful submission of your application. Note that incomplete applications cannot be reviewed and will remain at the Office of Admissions until ALL required credentials have been received. International students should apply well in advance of the deadline, as credentials typically take longer to process.

All interested students must apply through the University of Florida Graduate Application system. Please follow the explicit step outlined below to ensure a complete application to our BME Graduate Programs.

Specific Instructions for applying via the UF Application System:

Personal Info: Fill out all required information

Special Program Section: Fill out the requested information. Note that this section serves only to gather information regarding fellowships the applicant has applied or will apply to. Selecting a fellowship option in the UF Application System will not start the selected fellowship application process for the student. The student must independently apply for any fellowships via the organization’s specific process. If interested in fellowship opportunities, please see here for a summary of some opportunities.

If a student has already received a commitment of funding for their graduate work, this should be upload in Supporting Documentation

Degree Programs: Applicants should select their intended starting term (note restrictions on application semesters as outlined on the ADMISSIONS page) and their ultimate degree. Note that PhD applicants will automatically be considered for admission to the MS program, should they not be admitted to the PhD program. So, students interested in both options do not need to apply to both graduate programs. Do no enter in any Program Concentrations (again note that we are not accepting applicants to the Medical Physics concentration at this time). No contact name is needed.

Statement of Purpose: This section serves to outline the student’s motivation for applying to a BME graduate degree at the University of Florida. As such, it should provide support regarding the student’s preparation for the rigors of a graduate program, enthusiasm for the field of BME, and specific research interests. It should also describe previous research experiences and how this lead to their current research goals. Further, research interests should align with research areas within UF (see here). Providing details as to how their interests align with unique academic and research opportunities at UF, including specific faculty in BME, will further distinguish the applicant and also help the review process.

Education and Activities: The more information the applicant can provide within this section of the Application, the easier it can be for the review committee to holistically review the student. International students should make the effort to accurately convert their GPAs to the US system in the Self-Report section. GRE scores are a requirement for review, so applicants who have not yet taken the GPA will not be reviewed until this is completed. All international students must demonstrate English proficiency via one or more of the listed examinations. All exams serve as an indicator of academic performance and will be used to evaluate the potential success of a student in a graduate program.

All applicants must upload a resume to summarize their academic experience.

All applicants must upload a completed Area of Study form.

All applicants should upload their unofficial transcript(s) (upload under Transcripts section). Note that official transcripts are required (see below) by UF before a final decision can be made. Unofficial transcripts, however, will accelerate the review process.

Applicants who do not have an undergraduate degree in BME should carefully review Admission Requirements (see above) and specifically address any deficiencies in their Statement of Purpose.

Residency Affidavit: Complete the requested information. Note that residency status has no impact on admission decisions, only tuition rates.

Recommendations: Three Letters of Recommendations are required to apply to our graduate program. Recommenders must be designated within recommendation section of UF application. These letters cannot be sent directly to the department and must only be received via the UF Application system. The best recommendations come from faculty or references that know the applicant beyond the classroom and can clearly convey knowledge of the applicant’s research interests, attitude, and work ethic and style. If you are unable to list recommenders using the UF application system, click HERE for the paper format.

Application Summary: Review application for accuracy and pay application fee to submit the application.

Application Fee: Submit the $30.00 application fee via the UF Office of Admissions online application
If you are unable to pay the application fee online, mail a $30 check or money order to the UF Office of Admissions. Be sure to include the Fee Payment Cover Memo Note: The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida provides Ph.D. application fee waivers to selected PhD applicants that meet exceptional criteria. See here for details and click here to apply:

Additional Documents Required to Complete Application

In addition to the UF Application system, students must also send in the REQUIRED information and/or documents listed below. Only send the materials listed below, as other materials that were not uploaded in the original application (e.g. resumes, publications, and certifications) cannot be forwarded to the department or used in the review process. Admission decisions cannot be made until all required application materials have been received.

  • Official GRE score report sent directly from ETS ( Use institution code 5812 (no departmental code is needed).
  • For U.S. Citizens and Permanent Resident applicants: Official transcripts from all colleges attended
  • For international applicants, English language test score (TOEFLY or other approved test) report sent directly from ETS ( to institution code 5812. Please see the International Admissions page ( to determine tests options, submission process, and exemption options.
  • For International Applicants: Official transcripts and diplomas/degree certificates from all schools attended in the original language, accompanied by an official English translation

Mail all required documentation to:

Office of Admissions
University of Florida
P. O. Box 114000
201 Criser Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000

Note: The P. O. Box number may be excluded when using mail carriers that only accept a physical address (i.e. DHL).


After submitting your application: 

You may check your application status anytime at: 

Questions regarding admission process or status?

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions section first. Note that the high volume of applications our department receives during this time prevents us from providing personalized responses regarding application strategies or status. Further, Federal and State privacy laws prevent us from answering questions regarding application status over the phone, so do not call the BME Office to inquire about your application status. If you do have critical questions that are not addressed by the FAQ page or by checking your status on-line, please email and include you UFID so we may track your application.