Title: TBA

04/09/2018 - 3:00pm
Maribel Vazquez, Sc.D., Associate Professor, Grove School of Engineering, The City College of New York
Communicore, C1-15

Dr. Vazquez is a Founding Member of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at CCNY, established in 2002 by a team of 4 faculty who worked tirelessly to develop the entire undergraduate curriculum and program. She established a micro-nanofabrication laboratory using initial funding from Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) to acquire key pieces of microfabrication equipment in collaboration with Chemical Engineering. Her Biomedical Engineering Research Laboratory is located in Steinman Hall, ST-508.

Her Research Laboratory integrates the design and manufacture of microfluidic systems and nanoparticles to examine the migration of neural progenitor cells and their implications in the health and development of the Nervous System. Research projects have utilized bio-microtechnologies to examine the development and dissemination of glial tumors, develop integrated cellular systems of glia and neurons for regenerative medicine, and to investigate progenitor migration during retinogenesis and retinal transplantation.

Dr. Vazquez has served as Principal Investigator (PI) in research funding from the NIH (National Cancer Institute, National Institute of General Medical Sciences and National Eye Institute) and the NSF (CBET: Biomedical Engineering).  She has also as Co-PI on several educational initiatives from the National Science Foundation (NSF: Nanotechnology Education for Undergraduates, Emergent Behaviors of Intracellular Systems) and AFOSR (Microtechnology and Fabrication for Mechanical Engineers).

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