Jon D. Stewart, Ph.D.

Jon Stewart
Jon D. Stewart, Ph.D.
BME Graduate Faculty Status
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102 Leigh Hall, PO Box 117200, Gainesville, FL
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(352) 846-0743
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(352) 846-0743

Ph.D., 1991, Cornell University

B.S., M.S. 1986, 1987, Bucknell University

Current Research Projects:

Our research takes place where chemistry, biology and nanotechnology meet.  It is highly interdisciplinary work and we collaborate with many other research groups. 

1. Enzymes as practical catalysts for organic synthesis.   We are developing methods to employ cofactor-dependent enzymes in stereoselective synthesis.  We have successfully completed biocatalytic routes to several natural products and continue to expand our synthetic toolbox.

2. Smart, self-disassembling nanostructures for drug delivery.   In collaboration with research teams in the Department of Chemistry and Anesthesiology, we have prepared and covalently capped hollow nano test tubes with nano corks. We are now learning how to load and target these structures, then uncap them so that their cargo can be released inside cells.

3.  Understanding a key enzyme in starch biosynthesis.  The economic value of many crops such as corn is directly related to starch content. In collaboration with a group in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology, we are learning how catalysis in this four-subunit enzyme is carried out and regulated in response to cellular conditions.