BS in Chemical Engineering/MS in Biomedical Engineering

Combined BS/MS (4/1) Program in Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

The combined BS/MS program in CHE and BME allows qualified students to earn both a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering with a savings of 12 credit hours. Qualified students can begin their Master’s degree course work when they have obtained undergraduate senior status. These students will be able to double count 12 credits of specific graduate level courses toward both their BS and MS degree requirements. This savings in credit will allow eligible students to complete the MS degree requirements within two or three semesters after completing their BS degree requirements.

 Admission Requirements

  • Upper Division GPA of at least 3.3
  • GRE Verbal + Quantitative Score of 1200, 3.5 Analytical Writing Score
  • Completion with a minimum grade of C of the following three undergraduate chemical engineering courses:  ECH 3101 Process thermodynamics, ECH 3203 Fluid and Solid Operations, and ECH 3223 Energy Transfer Operations
  • Complete application to the Graduate School
  • Complete application to the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Graduate Credits

Students can take the following courses as part of their CHE undergraduate electives:

  • BME 5401 Physiology
  • Special BME electives by approval of CHE Undergraduate Coordinator and BME Graduate Coordinator.
  • CHE graduate level course, subject to approval from BME.  This can be satisfied by three credits of BME-approved biomedical research under ECH 6905. 

Students must also receive a “B” or better in these courses in order to double count them. Students must be admitted to this program before they can start taking course work that they intend to double count.

BME Requirements

To complete the BME Masters degree, students need to complete the BME non-thesis Masters curriculum for the academic year they are admitted to the graduate school.  The current BME graduate curriculum can be found here: