Spring UG Research Presentations

April 26, 2023

In typical Schmidt Lab tradition, we enjoyed our Spring 2023 end-of-the-semester UG presentations! As usual, terrific job by our UG researchers. Always our favorite part of the semester!

UG Presenters:

  • Shruti Kolli (Public Health)​, “Particle-based Bioinks for 3D Printing”; Mentor: Eleana​ Manousiouthakis​
  • Izabella Zmirska (BME), “Assessment of Radial Transwells for Polyethylene Glycol-based 3D Bioprinting”; Mentor: Eleana​ Manousiouthakis​
  • Emily Pallack (Microbiology & Cell Sciences)​, “Comparing Therapeutic Acute Intermittent Hypoxia and Local Hypoxia Differential Gene Expression Using a 3D Bioprinted Spinal Cord Injury Model”; Mentor: Eleana​ Manousiouthakis​
  • Samantha Shumard (BME), “Understanding the Rheological Properties of Decellularized Dellipid Porcine Peripheral Nerves for Injectable Hydrogel Formulation”; Mentor: Gopal Agarwal
  • Jacob Fuhr (Microbiology & Cell Sciences), “Behavior Analysis of Functionalized Enzyme Treatments in Spinal Cord Injury”’ Mentor: Allison Campbell
  • Michael Cline (Chemical Engineering), “Development and Characterization of Fluorescently Active Glycidyl Methacrylated Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Scaffolds”’ Mentor: Bassam Smadi

And, CONGRATULATIONS to our graduating seniors!!

  • Emily Pallack ➔ Tufts BME Graduate School
  • Shruti Kolli​ ➔ UF Medical School

Although Michael Cline is not graduating, he will be switching labs for research. And, Bassam Smadi will be supervised by Dr. Jack Judy after May 15!

Kudos to everyone! We will miss those leaving the lab!

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