March 1, 2021

New publication in Science Advances on culturing islets in microphysiological platforms

Smit Patel, along with our collaborative team of Drs Agarwal, Phelps, and Buchwald and their students Matthew Ishahak and Walker Hagen, as well as former postdoctoral fellow Debbie Chaimov and MS researchers Ashwin Vilraj and Daniel LaShoto, recently published our findings on optimizing islet culture and monitoring in 3-D hydrogels within a customized, PDMS-free microphysiological platform. This manuscript, published in the journal Science Advances, established this platform for not only extended culture, but dynamic and sequential monitoring of 3D organoids. The next phase of this work will be to leverage this platform as a window into understanding islet biology and immunology, as well as screening agents and interventions

Congrats to Smit and all of our collaborators!

Check out the article here: 
Organoid microphysiological system preserves pancreatic islet function within 3D matrix

Also check out Smit’s twitter story on this paper here.