April 17, 2019

New publication on free radical scavenging of encapsulation platforms published in Advanced Healthcare Materials!

Nicholas Abuid, along with research assistant scientist Kerim Gattás Asfura, and undergraduate student Emily Schofield recently published our findings on the fabrication of antioxidant layer-by-layer coating for protecting encapsulated cells from free radical damage. This manuscript, published in the journal Advanced Healthcare Materials, evaluates the capacity of cerium oxide nanoparticle layers to protect encapsulated beta cells from external oxidants. These findings outline the feasibility of generating ultrathin, antioxidant coatings for protecting cells, with broad potential for other systems.

Congrats to Nicholas, Kerim, and Emily!

Check out the article here:
Layer‐by‐Layer Cerium Oxide Nanoparticle Coating for Antioxidant Protection of Encapsulated Beta Cells