Introduction to Biomedical Image Analysis and Imaging Informatics

We are living in a revolutionary age, witnessing the next-generation of biological and medical image and information emerged in astounding volume and rich formats. Nowadays images and videos are widely used in biological and medical research and clinical applications. Manual image analysis and management is extremely time consuming, labor intensive, prone to errors, and not reproducible. The end goal for this class is for you to not only learn the scope and importance of the fundamental principles of utilizing computers to analyze and manage images automatically, but also get hands-on training in developing accurate biomedical image analysis algorithms and suitable imaging informatics tools to solve the computational problems in your research. This class would be suitable for a broad spectrum of engineering students who are interested in learning how to utilize informatics and computational methods to analyze biomedical images and videos (multiple dimensions, multiple modalities) in a quantitative, automatic, objective, and high throughput manner.
This is a graduate level course designed for students interested in learning biomedical image analysis and imaging informatics technology.

Max Credits: 
BME Core Elective Courses
Course Number: 
BME 6938