August 5, 2019

Sharma Lab celebrates high school student research completed over Summer 2019

This summer, the Sharma lab welcomed a high school student, Diya Jayram, to get first hand experience in an academic research setting. She was a participant in the UF’s Student Science Training Program (SSTP) class of 2019. According to the SSTP website, “the UF SSTP creates an environment that promotes the academic and personal growth of students, helping each develop important interpersonal, organizational, professional communication, and leadership skills in an academically enriching setting.” This is the 5th consecutive year that the Sharma lab has hosted a student from the SSTP program.

Diya, a student from the American Heritage School (Plantation, Florida), created macroporous hydrogels and studied their mechanical properties for applications in 3D tumor modeling under the mentorship of 3rd Year PhD Candidate Madison Temples. At the completion of the program in late July, Diya presented her research through an oral presentation, poster presentation, and a technical report.

To celebrate her hard work and success this year, the Sharma lab got to together for a lab lunch at the end of the SSTP program. Well done Diya and we wish you the best as you finish up your senior year of high school!