December 14, 2021

Dr. Temples defends her thesis

October 29th Madison Temples successfully defended her PhD, ‘Engineered three-dimensional tumor models to investigate natural killer cell migration and interactions with cancer cells’! This work is the culmination of the last five years of Madison’s work in lab.

While in the Sharma Lab Madison earned several awards including an Attribute of the Gator Engineer and a BME departmental excellence award, published several research articles, and mentored a number of undergraduate, masters, and PhD students. She has been a staple in the Sharma lab and the legacy of her work will be continued on by our current masters and PhD students focusing on cancer cell migration and three dimensional tumor models.

Presenting over zoom due to the current Covid restrictions, Madison didn’t have the traditional defense experience. However, we were able host a small celebration with the lab and her family to commemorate the day.

Congratulations Dr. Temples, we are so proud of you!