September 18, 2023

Looking for new MS Researcher to Join Lab!

Open Positions: The extramurally-funded Stabler Diabetes Tissue Engineering Laboratory is currently recruiting motivated candidates for one M.S. student position. The candidate-elect will gain significant laboratory experience in tissue engineering and cutting-edge knowledge in translational research of type 1 diabetes.

Position Summary: The Stabler Diabetes Tissue Engineering Laboratory is built on a solid foundation of interdisciplinary collaboration between multiple fields of engineering to develop novel biomaterials to improve the outcome of clinical islet transplants. For the project of interest, we aim to continue advancing in-vitro microfluidic platforms that will allow us to observe and study the pathological development of type 1 diabetes on the benchtop. In such a manner, superior treatment tests may be developed with higher reproducibility and transparency from the uncertainty of traditional clinical tests. Thus, we are developing a quality-control process for our biomaterial with a dual approach: chemical-mechanical and biological quality control. Structural protein quantification, microindentation, rheology, and spectrum-absorption gelation kinetic will need to be performed for chemical-mechanical testing. For biological quality control, pancreatic islets and cytotoxic T lymphocyte culturing with biomaterial will be performed, and both the cell viability and functionality will be integrated via confocal microscopy or perifusion system with microfluidic devices. The successful candidate will be given access to and learn many of the above skills desired in the bioengineering/ biomedical industries.       

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Having a strong motivation and work ethic for scientific research
  2. Having a creative mindset to approach engineering questions
  3. Candidates with prior experience with basic laboratory work, quantitative chemistry, aseptic technique, image processing, and programming (MATLAB, Macro Language) are highly desired but not required; we can train you if you are interested in learning!
  4. Candidates with bachelor`s degrees in biomedical engineering, material science, chemistry, bioengineering, or chemical engineering are highly preferred.
  5. The M.S. student candidates must be able to work in our lab for a minimum of a year. The position is strongly suited for students who want to achieve a master’s degree with a heavy research credit focus or thesis (but it is not required). Please indicate your intended graduation time in your CV. 

Potential Training Experiences:

  1. Laboratory experience in wet-lab settings
  2. First-hand experience in state-of-the-art biomaterial and device fabrication with tissue decellularization, cryomilling, 3D printing, etc, as well as experience in cell culture, primary cell manipulation, and cellular assays.
  3. First-hand experience in highly desirable technical skills using various instruments, such as confocal microscopy with relevant imaging processing and complex spectrophotometer experiments with kinetic and spectro-swiping.
  4. Master`s degree mentorship with full guidance tailored toward thesis and/or manuscript writing

Application Procedure:

Interested candidates can send their CVs to Min Du with the email title “2023 Master student – CV for Research Position”.