Robert Accolla, in collaboration with fellow graduate students Jiapu Liang and Taylor Lansberry, technician Irayme Labrada, and undergraduate students Marlon Loaisiga and Baltasar Lopez Sardi, recently published our findings on the development of oxygen generating microbeads via the encapsulation of calcium peroxide in PDMS. This publication explored the modulation of material properties to both customized oxygen generation kinetics and control by-product release for optimized tissue engineering applications. Translation in pre-clinical models identified prototypes that were supportive of preserving islet function with confined cites. These beads can be translated to multiple engineered tissues and cellular implants, as hypoxia induced death of these implants is a common problem

Congrats to Robert and all collaborators!

Check out the article here: 
Engineering Modular, Oxygen-Generating Microbeads for the In Situ Mitigation of Cellular Hypoxia