2017 BME Halloween decorating contest announcement

Thank you to those who participated in our Halloween decorating contest! The 6 panel of judges had a lot of fun walking around to the labs and seeing everyone’s fun and festive décor and we are excited to announce the winners!

You can find event pictures here.




Best costume: Dr. Daniel Ferris’ Lab

Most likely to be seen on HGTV: Dr. Sarah Rowlinson’s office

Most traditional: Dr. Walter Lee Murfee’s Lab

Most elaborate: Dr. Christine E. Schmidt’s Lab

Most kid friendly: Dr. Blanka Sharma’s Lab

The punniest: Dr. Cherie Stabler’s Lab

Best treats: Dr. Edward Phelps’ Lab

Best theme: Dr. Kyle D. Allen’s Lab

Most colorful: Dr. Jon Dobson’s Lab

Great job and congratulations to all the participating labs!