Message From The Chair

It gives me great pleasure and pride to introduce myself as the newly appointed department chair for the J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering. It is an honor to represent this esteemed institution and its vibrant community!

The University of Florida has long possessed an exceptionally fertile environment for biomedical engineering through its co-localization of top-ranked colleges (e.g., engineering, medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, public health, and dentistry) and its robust infrastructure in engineering, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence. However, what truly distinguishes our department is its people. Our highly engaged faculty, students, and staff collaboratively support an environment that promotes innovation, collaboration, academic rigor, and a societal impact.

Our exceptional and innovative faculty drives innovation through transdisciplinary research, collaborative partnerships, rich mentorship, and the dissemination and translation of their innovative contributions. Our talented, highly motivated, and curious students from diverse backgrounds and experiences exhibit excellence in the classroom and laboratory, extracurricular activities, and community service. Finally, our dedicated staff tirelessly guides and supports our faculty and students.

The Mission and Vision of the J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering represent a dedication to both innovation and education. We seek to drive discoveries and technologies and to impart foundational knowledge, a creative spirit, and a community mindset to the next generation of leaders. This mission aligns with UF’s Core Values of Excellence, Discovery & Innovation, Inclusion, Freedom & Civility, Community, and Stewardship. With groundbreaking advancements happening at the interface of biology and engineering, we are well-poised to lead our field from the front. We are also uniquely positioned to provide our students with robust, foundational engineering and biological instruction with abundant opportunities for open-ended collaborative research and complex, multi-faceted design challenges. However, technological advancements must also be made considering their impact on the human condition. Thus, as the field and our department continue to drive the next generation of technology, we also strive to challenge ourselves with transdisciplinary opportunities that will train engineers adept at addressing complex global challenges with a clear societal context.

As Chair, I will continue to support our innovative and transdisciplinary partnerships that drive research innovation and educational opportunities for our students. In our educational programs, I seek to facilitate academic excellence and innovation in our graduate and undergraduate curriculum –identifying new approaches for instruction, experiential learning, and cross-disciplinary courses. I look forward to collaborating with our industry and alums partnerships to create new ways to elevate our educational opportunities and support our students. It is also clear that broad and impactful innovation is created within an inclusive and supportive work environment that nurtures talent while encouraging diverse perspectives. As such, our department will actively foster an inclusive culture by respecting differing viewpoints and creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and appreciated. Overall, I will strive to not only spearhead the department and institution’s collective vision but also truly listen and understand the unique challenges facing all members of our community to ensure they are heard, valued, and supported.

Thus, I encourage you to reach out with thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and aspirations for our department.Together we can foster an even stronger community that not only shapes the future of biomedical engineering but also inspires and equips the next generation of leaders.

Thank you for your warm welcome and I am honored to serve as your department chair.

Cherie Stabler,
Professor, Integra LifeSciences Term Professor, UF Foundation Preeminence Term Professor & Department Chair