Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board is a group of the department’s most committed alumni and dedicated to giving back to our amazing community of students, faculty and fellow alumni. Board members serve the community through the promotion of and support for the department’s strategic priorities and initiatives. Their role is to strengthen connections within the alumni community at large and to partner with us in ensuring the department’s long-term growth and success.

Philip Barish, Ph.D.

Senior Alliance Manager for New Ventures, Oregon Health and Sciences University
Portland, OR

Bryan Conrad, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher – Biomechanics
Lake Oswego, OR

Jack DiGiovanna, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President
Program Director
Seven Bridges
Boston, MA

Michael Fenn, Ph.D.

Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences
Harvard Innovation Labs
Boston, MA

Todd Goede, M.S.

Executive VP, Innovation and Manufacturing, Artelon
Tampa, FL

Kevin Knox, M.S.

Senior Supply Planner, Stryker,
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Samantha Maione, M.S.

Development Senior Engineer
ZimVie Dental
Palm Beach, FL

Michael McGlamry, DPM

Forsyth Foot & Ankle Associates
Cumming, GA

Albina Mikhaylova, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Materials Science and Engineering Research Facility
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, FL

Maxwell Minch, J.D.

Attorney at Law
Gainesville, FL

Olajompo Moloye-Olabisi, Ph.D

Board Chair
Site lead at Janssen Pharmaceuticals
(Supply Chain), J&J Company
New York, NY

Michael Pizzato, M.B.A.

Senior Marketing Manager
Spirox, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Leslie Sorrentino

Regional S&OP Lead, Berlin Packaging
Durham, NC

Andrew Stricklin

IPS Engineering Division Manager
KLS Martin Manufacturing
Jacksonville, FL