AxoGen Named Employee Engagement Best Practices Award Winner by DecisionWise International

February 27, 2018
AxoGen Named Employee Engagement
Best Practices Award Winner by
DecisionWise International

ALACHUA, Fla., Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AxoGen, Inc. (NASDAQ:AXGN), a global leader in developing and marketing innovative surgical solutions for peripheral nerves, today announced it has received a 2018 Employee Engagement Best Practices Award. The annual award, sponsored by DecisionWise International, recognizes top-performing companies in the area of employee engagement and company culture. AxoGen is one of only five companies to receive the 2018 award.

“It is gratifying to be recognized as a best practice company for employee engagement and culture,” said Karen Zaderej, president and CEO of AxoGen. “We are passionate about creating solutions for patients with peripheral nerve damage or discontinuities and our AxoGenic values are central to our culture. Open, honest, and respectful communication along with individual ownership and empowerment are key characteristics of our culture that allow us to attract, develop and promote outstanding associates.”

The Employee Engagement Best Practices Award is based on a review of over 6.3 million employee survey responses in the DecisionWise international employee engagement survey benchmark database. Results were analyzed by measuring the number of fully engaged, key contributor, opportunity group, and disengaged employees in each organization as determined by responses to a set of employee engagement anchor questions. Final winners were confirmed by evaluating the overall company culture, as well as best practices and company initiatives designed to promote employee engagement.

“We named AxoGen as a 2018 award winner because it exemplifies best practices in employee engagement, both through its annual employee engagement results and through its actions to create an engaged workplace,” said Dr. Tracy Maylett, DecisionWise CEO. “AxoGen has taken clear, measurable actions to leverage employee feedback and create a positive, engaging, and energizing workplace for its employees.”

About AxoGen
AxoGen (AXGN) is the leading company focused specifically on the science, development and commercialization of technologies for peripheral nerve regeneration and repair. We are passionate about helping to restore peripheral nerve function and quality of life to patients with physical damage or discontinuity to peripheral nerves by providing innovative, clinically proven and economically effective repair solutions for surgeons and health care providers. Peripheral nerves provide the pathways for both motor and sensory signals throughout the body. Every day, people suffer traumatic injuries or undergo surgical procedures that impact the function of their peripheral nerves. Physical damage to a peripheral nerve, or the inability to properly reconnect peripheral nerves, can result in the loss of muscle or organ function, the loss of sensory feeling, or the initiation of pain.

AxoGen’s platform for peripheral nerve repair features a comprehensive portfolio of products, including Avance® Nerve Graft, an off-the-shelf processed human nerve allograft for bridging severed peripheral nerves without the comorbidities associated with a second surgical site, AxoGuard® Nerve Connector, a porcine submucosa extracellular matrix (ECM) coaptation aid for tensionless repair of severed peripheral nerves, AxoGuard® Nerve Protector, a porcine submucosa ECM product used to wrap and protect damaged peripheral nerves and reinforce the nerve reconstruction while preventing soft tissue attachments, and Avive® Soft Tissue Membrane, a minimally processed human umbilical cord membrane that may be used as a resorbable soft tissue covering to separate tissue layers and modulate inflammation in the surgical bed. Along with these core surgical products, AxoGen also offers AcroVal® Neurosensory & Motor Testing System and AxoTouch® Two-Point Discriminator. These evaluation and measurement tools assist health care professionals in detecting changes in sensation, assessing return of sensory, grip, and pinch function, evaluating effective treatment interventions, and providing feedback to patients on peripheral nerve function. The AxoGen portfolio of products is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and several other European and international countries.