BME alum, Dr. Justin Sanchez, quoted in Delta Sky magazine

Dr. Justin Sanchez, manager of DARPA’s Restoring Active Memory program and graduate of the UF BME program, is quoted in the November issue of Delta Sky Magazine. In the article titled, “Reconnecting the Brain”, Dr. Sanchez talks about a new device engineered to help veterans recover memories. Read the full story here.

Dr. Sanchez joined DARPA as a program manager in 2013 to explore neurotechnology, brain science and systems neurobiology. Before that, he was an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience at the University of Miami.

Dr. Sanchez has developed new methods for signal analysis and processing techniques for studying the unknown aspects of neural coding and functional neurophysiology. His experience covers in vivo electrophysiology for brain-machine interface design in animals and humans where he studied the activity of single neurons, local field potentials and electrocorticogram in the cerebral cortex and from deep brain structures of the motor and limbic system.

Dr. Sanchez holds Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Engineering degrees in Biomedical Engineering, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Science, all from the University of Florida.