BME Ballers ousted in Quarterfinals

BME BallersThe BME Ballers season came to an end in the Quarterfinals of the playoffs, dropping a hard fought game 0-5 to the Kameltonians. The Ballers finish the 2012 outdoor season with a final record of 2-4-0.

Two goals in the first half, compounded by three goals in the second, were too much for BME to overcome.

Next for the Ballers is the indoor season held during the fall semester. The team will be formed during the first days of the fall semester. Anyone interested in joining the team can contact team captain, Eric Franca. Eric would also appreciate organizational help, and women players are welcome.

The first 15 minutes of the first half started off promising, with both teams defenses turning away the other’s attacks. BME built their attacks, looking for through balls that our speedy forwards could pounce on. Several times both Aditya Asokan and Jamal Lewis we able to make runs into the opposing penalty box, only to have their attacks thwarted at the last moment, twice with the the opposing goalkeeper just barely smothering the ball before a shot could be taken. However, late in the first half, confusion in the Ballers’ defense allowed a counter attack that resulted in the first goal. This was quickly followed up by a second goal on a counterattack breakaway. With that, the Ballers went into half time down 0-2.

Determined to get back into the game, the mindset of the Ballers was focused on the attack in the second half, and these yielded some good opportunities, with Phillip Jannotti, Krishanu Mathur, Aditya Asokan, Tom Cowan and Art Bautista all having good looks and a couple of good shots at goal. However, none of the opportunities resulted in a goal, and the constant pressure by the Ballers eventually yielded several counterattack opportunities for the Kameltonians. Eric Franca, who transitioned into a defensive midfield role, along with Phillip Jannotti, managed to thwart several counterattacks, and goalkeeper Hans van Oostrom came up with some very difficult saves. The defensive efforts came to naught, as three of the counterattacks resulted in goals, and the BME Ballers saw their season end with a 0-5 Quarterfinal loss.

This was the second consecutive season that BME has fielded a team in the Graduate/Faculty/Staff division. The organizers hope to field an indoor team this fall, and a women’s team next spring.