BME doctoral candidates selected to attend winter school on Wearable Robots

Congratulations to BME doctoral candidates in the Human Neuromechanics Laboratory, Rachel Hybart, Mhairi MacLean and Sebastian Barrutia, who were selected to attend the winter school on Wearable Robots from January 20 to 24, 2020 at Obertauern, Austria.




Hybart’s research is focused on understanding adaptation to myoelectric-controlled exoskeletons and prostheses. She is interested in the neural correlates of adaptation, and how they coincide with the biomechanical changes that occur when learning to walk with these assistive devices.



MacLean’s research is focused on the biomechanics of walking overground with bodyweight support. She will use the findings from this study to assist in the design of a lower limb wearable robotic to assist with walking with bodyweight support.



Barrutia’s focus is on the development of a passive leg exoskeleton that aids the user’s knee in standard walking.




The purpose of the winter school is to address the underlying topics of wearable robotics and get hands-on experience in their design, development and application.