BME Family loses friend and colleague, Diana Dampier.

Diana Dampier

Dear BME Family,

With a sad and burdened heart, I regret to share that Saturday, February 28, 2015, BME lost a colleague and friend, Diana “Di” Dampier.  Di passed away peacefully under Hospice care, surrounded by her family.  

Di will forever be remembered as our beloved free spirit who served BME with incredible devotion, dedication, and diligence.  We were blessed to have Di join the BME family in May 2011 as Office Assistant.  In her position, Di carried out her job duties with great skills.  Before her service to BME, Di devoted her talents to the former Department of Nuclear and Radiological Sciences (NRE) from 1992 –2011.  During this time Di served in a variety of roles as she was promoted from Office Assistant to Office Manager.

Diana DampierDiana DampierDi touched all with her gentle, loving, and supportive spirit – she also brought to BME her strong personality, tough attitude, and soft hugs. She cared and had passion. I personally will miss her edgy attitude, her vibrant purple hair that she would sport on occasion, her sneaking into my office to find the secret stash of dark chocolate that I had set aside for her, her prodding me to wear a sparkly tiara (she thought this would be appropriate as “Chair”), and the list goes on. When my own father died last year, Di brought me a beautiful quilt from her family that her sister had made – she told me to wrap it around me every time I felt sad and “I would be hugged”. That is so Di and illustrates how she cared about each of us. Last night I slept with her blanket, and “was hugged” by her in spirit. I know that everyone has similar wonderful memories and stories.                                                                                                                            

Diana Dampier

Though we may not have the pleasure of hearing Di’s boisterous laugh, witty humor, or receiving an encouraging and warm hug of support we can always celebrate the joy she brought to those around her.



Services are being performed by Forest Meadows at the Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery, Friday March 6 gather at 1pm with a burrial at 2 pm.



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