BME Medical Physics students pass ABR part 1

BME Medical Physics Students Pass ABR Part 1

Current BME Medical Physics students Amy Geyer, Matthew Hoerner, Badal Juneja, Rebecca Lamoureux, Soyoung Lee, Izabella Lipnharski, Nelia Long, Anna Mench, Shannon O’Reilly, Heather Petroccia, Elliott Stepusin and recent Ph.D. graduate Danny Long recently passed the American Board of Radiology (ABR) Part 1 exam for Medical Physics.

For ABR certification, medical physics personnel must pass three different exams. The Medical Physics ABR Part 1 exam is a computer-based, multiple choice exam consisting of two sections. The first section consists of questions related to basic medical physics such as radiological sources, radiobiology, and radiation protection. The second section consists of questions related to clinical aspects of medical physics such as anatomy and physiology, radiation effects, and biochemistry.

The ABR Part 2 exam is a computer-based, multiple choice exam that is to be completed after three years of clinical experience in one’s chosen field (diagnostic medical physics, therapeutic medical physics, or nuclear medicine). After completing Part 2, personnel take Part 3, an oral examination covering five broad topics. After passing Part 3, a medical physicist is considered “board-certified.”

Medical physics personnel are the only non-physician group to take board exams for certification.

Congratulations to all!