BME Ph.D. student selected as grant recipient for WiCV

Congratulations to BME Ph.D. student, Anis Davoudi, who was selected as a grant recipient for the 4th Annual Workshop for Women in Computer Vision (WiCV) for her paper entitled, “Autonomous detection of disruptions in the intensive care unit using deep mask R-CNN.”

In this paper, Davoudi used computer vision and deep learning techniques to automatically detect the number of people in ICU rooms, and use this to quantify the number of visitation events for the patients. This can be used for studying the effect of visitation policies and medical procedure timings on patients’ circadian rhythm and ultimately their health outcomes.

Computer vision has become one of the largest computer science research communities. The full-day workshop on Women in Computer Vision is a gathering for both women and men working in computer vision. Researchers at all levels who are interested in computer vision are welcome and encouraged to attend the workshop. Travel grants will be offered to selected female presenters of oral and poster sessions.