BME stimulates undergraduate research

Biomedical Engineering is hosting six new University Scholars for the 2011-2012 academic year. These six scholars will receive a $1,750 stipend to conduct their research, and the lab that hosts them will receive $500 to support the research. The following table lists the students, their mentors, and their research project.

Student Mentor Project
Jose Garcia Brian Sorg Development of a novel hydrogel particle
Elliot Stepusin Wesley Bolch Computer simulation of tube-current modulation for dose reduction in CT imaging
Sheryl Chocron Brian Sorg Non-invasive techniques for drug delivery to tumors
Angie Posada Brandi Ormerod Circadian control of hippocampal plasticity
Jhon Cores Peter McFetridge Transfection of an endothelial cell line for characterization of leukocyte interactions
on decellularized vascular surfaces
Michelle Sands Wesley Bolch Pediatric physical phantoms for dose verification in CT imaging

Congratulations to the students and the mentors.