BME student receives 2020 Graduate School Mentoring Award from UF

Robert Accolla

Congratulations to Robert Accolla for receiving the 2020 Graduate School Mentoring Award from the UF Graduate School.

Accolla is a third year Ph.D. candidate in Dr. Cherie Stabler’s lab. His work focuses on engineering novel biomaterials for guiding the formation of vessels and releasing therapeutics for local drug delivery. The goal of this work is to improve clinical islet transplantation in order to develop a sustainable cure for type 1 diabetes.

Accolla’s application was recognized for its clear indication of his high level of commitment to mentoring. He was selected from among an exceptional group of nominees. This award is sponsored by the UF Graduate School’s Division of Graduate Student Affairs.


This award is intended to reward graduate students who engage in:

  • Peer-to-peer mentoring of graduate students
  • Mentoring of undergraduate students
  • Mentoring in a K-12 classroom (working with K-12 students and/or teachers)