BME student receives Outstanding International Student Award

Congratulations to BME Ph.D. student, Zhenhong Hu, for receiving the Outstanding International Student Award by the UF International Center.

Hu’s advisor is Dr. Mingzhou Ding and his research interests are in the field of cognitive neuroscience. His work focuses on applying multimodal imaging and quantitative engineering approaches to study the neural mechanisms underlying the individual difference in working memory and their impairments by neurological and psychiatric disorders. His is also interested in utilizing non-invasive neuromodulation techniques, such as transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) to establish causal relationships between brain activity and behavior, and build customized stimulation protocols for boosting mental functions and performance in healthy and patient populations.

The Outstanding International Student Awards Ceremony was initiated to highlight the accomplishments of international students at the University of Florida. The awards are designed to recognize students who meet exemplary academic achievements and a wide range of accomplishments and contributions.