BME students advocate for science and informed science policy

The Student Association for the Support of Science (SASS) is a new student organization within the department that advocates for science and informed science policy. SASS highlights the many benefits science has brought to our community and our world, encourages scientists and non-scientists to be involved in science policy, and aims to influence policy makers to support science.

BME Ph.D. students Benjamin Spearman (Schmidt Lab), Kaitlynn Olczak (Otto Lab), Eric Fuller (Rinaldi Lab) and Margaret Pires-Fernandes (Allen Lab) have spearheaded the organization with BME professor Dr. Jon Dobson serving as a faculty mentor.

The goal is to positively impact science policy through community, political, and government engagement and to advance the cause of science and engineering for the benefit of the public by:

-Informing the community of the numerous achievements and future possibilities of science.

-Promoting awareness of key issues such as federal funding of science and regulatory matters

-Facilitating communication between students and policymakers

SASS has a three-fold mission:

1.       Motivate– let people know why it is important to be involved – science policy affects them and the community

2.       Spread Awareness– give updates about major policies and decisions that are affecting science funding and research

3.       Suggest Action Items– list specific actions that people can take to promote science and science policy

SASS meets monthly and is sending out its first newsletter soon. Eric Fuller is the elected president for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The addition of new student organizations enhances the campus community and provides more opportunities for students to become involved and participate in activities that support their shared interests.

Please see the SASS newsletter here.