Chihray Liu, Ph.D.

Chihray Liu, Ph.D.
UF Radiation Oncology

2000 Archer Rd. Room 1222, PO Box 100385, Gainesville, FL 32611

T: (352) 265-8217
Department Affiliation: Radiation Oncology

BME Graduate Faculty Status

Research Interests

  • Enhanced dynamic wedge
  • Benchmark Datasets data collection
  • Intensity-modulated┬áradiation therapy┬ádelivery and verification
  • Dose and machine output calculation
  • Treatment planning optimization
  • Computer modeling of dynamic therapy treatment using multileaf collimator
  • Technical improvements in delivery of radiation
  • Computerized routine treatment procedures
  • Image registration and image-guided radiation therapy
  • High precision radiation therapy (rigid and non-rigid)
  • Quality assurance automation
  • Characterization of radiation therapy devices
  • Optical tracking system to improve patient treatment quality and safety
  • Paperless departmental procedure optimization