Dobson and Rinaldi publish book on Nanomagnetic Actuation in Biomedicine

Congratulations to Dr. Jon Dobson, J. Crayton Pruitt Family Professor, and Dr. Carlos Rinaldi, Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering & Dean’s Leadership Professor, for their recently published book entitled, “Nanomagnetic Actuation in Biomedicine: Basic Principles and Applications.”

The book published by CRC Press focuses on the fundamentals and applications of magnetic actuation. The manipulation and control of cells and sub-cellular structures through magnetic nanoparticle-based actuation is a relatively new technique that has led to novel and exciting biomedical applications. Nanomagnetic actuation is being used in laboratory studies of stem cells to determine how these mechanical cues can be used to control stem cell differentiation for regenerative medicine applications. This book explores this rapidly expanding field. It will interest industry bioscientists and biomedical engineers as well as academics in cellular biomechanics, cell and tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.