Dr. Bolch’s team wins the 2011 Roberts Prize for best paper

Dr. Wesley Bolch and his collaborators and students have won the 2011 Roberts Prize for the best paper published in the Physics in Medicine & Biology (PMB) last year.  The paper entitled “An image-based skeletal dosimetry model for the ICRP reference adult male—internal electron sources” describes a dosimetry model for skeletal tissues, which will be invaluable for assessing dose to bone marrow.

Dr. Bolch is quoted saying “This process was first developed at UF and is the foundation for the new ICRP models of skeletal dosimetry.  The data of this paper, and the companion paper by Johnson et al, provide the radiation dosimetry community with state-of-the-art methods of assessing bone marrow dose from a broad range of exposures, including CT, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, as well as occupational exposures to workplace or environmental radionuclides.”

Dr. Bolch’s former student and first author of the paper, Matthew Hough, received the award in Oxford.

An image-based skeletal dosimetry model for the
ICRP reference adult male—internal electron sources