Dr. Brandi Ormerod promoted to Associate Professor with tenure

Congratulations to Dr. Brandi Ormerod who’s been promoted to an Associate Professor with tenure! 

Dr. Ormerod received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of British Columbia. She was then an NSERC and MJFF Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University before joining UF BME in November 2006 where she established a Stem Cell Research Lab.

Dr. Ormerod’s research focuses on understanding how to use stem cells (transplantable or endogenous) to repair neural circuits in the diseased or injured brain. Projects investigate neuroinflammatory, vascular and genetic factors that impact ongoing hippocampal neurogenesis, employ a multiplex path analysis approach to discovering biomarkers of age-related declines in cognition and neural plasticity (with emphasis on neurogenesis) and in collaboration with Dr. Tom DeMarse examine the impact of neural stem cells on MEA-plated primary cultures. 

Congratulations again to Dr. Ormerod for her success in this major career milestone!