Dr. Jiang authors book on Photoacoustic Tomography

Jiang book coverDr. Huabei Jiang’s book titled, Photoacoustic Tomography, was recently published by CRC Press. Presenting the research of a well-respected pioneer and leading expert, this first-of-its-kind book covers the underlying principles and practical applications of photoacoustic tomography (PAT) in a systematic manner. Written in a tutorial format, the text addresses nearly every aspect of PAT, from the theory on photoacoustic effect, image reconstruction methods, instrumentation, and animal studies to the technology’s clinical uses. The book also discusses advanced methods for quantitative PAT, array-based PAT systems, photoacoustic microscopy (PAM), combinations of PAT/PAM with other imaging methods, and contrast-agents-based molecular PAT.

Congratulations, Dr. Jiang!