Dr. Jim Schumacher and team selected to participate in Coulter College Student Program

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Schumacher and team (listed below) who were selected to participate in the Coulter College Student Program!

Coulter College is being held for the second year in conjunction with the 2013 BMES Annual Meeting in Seattle. The program is supported through a grant funded by the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation and will focus on evolving innovations from the lab into viable medical products. Student teams will be guided by faculty and clinical experts through a highly dynamic process designed to help them better understand how innovations can meet clinical needs, while providing tools and approaches used to evolve good ideas into great innovations.

In a creative environment, participants will learn how to evaluate the best point of leverage within a given clinical need and understand how to evaluate possible solutions. By the end of the program, participants will understand how to balance providing clinical benefits alongside a viable commercial model. 

Well done everyone!

Team Clinician: Joseph (Giuseppe) Morelli, MD                     
BME Student Team Members:
Raymond Khouri
Andrew Hua
Aline Yonezawa
Jimmy (Ming-Lun) Wu
Emily Hester
Brittany Jacobs