Dr. Rashidi receives NSF STTR grant to develop intelligent mental health therapy tool

Dr. Parisa Rashidi and team recently received an NSF STTR grant to develop an intelligent mental health therapy tool.

University counseling services have ubiquitous problems with demand for services exceeding the supply of counseling hours. In collaboration with TAO Connect, Inc., Dr. Rashidi and the intelligent Health Lab (iHeal) intend to create a paradigm shift to change how psychotherapy is provided. The proposed research provides a scalable personalized and intelligent system to meet market demands for high quality mental health care and optimal medical outcomes. Though intelligent therapeutic technologies are still in their infancy, recent improvements in computational power of computers and in the machine learning and data mining field promise a new era of intelligent therapeutic solutions. In phase 1 of this research, machine learning and data mining techniques will be developed by the iHeal Lab to provide highly tailored and personalized therapy to patients.

Congratulations, Dr. Rashidi!