Are you a Biomedical Engineer who Dreams of Having an Impact on Healthcare?

Date(s) - 03/12/2018
3:00 pm

Leadership Speaker: Martha L. Gray, Ph.D., J.W. Kieckhefer Professor of Health Sciences and Technology, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

Many enter the biomedical engineering field, as I did, dreaming of having an impact on healthcare.  Yet, the path to impact is not always clear.  In this seminar I will share some of my stories as a biomedical engineering researcher and academic leader, and offer ideas, and hopefully a little inspiration, to heighten your ability to make more strategic decisions that accelerate your potential for impact.


Martha Gray, PhD, has a multifaceted career in which she has built programs to drive biomedical technology innovation, conducted research to better understand and prevent osteoarthritis, led a preeminent academic unit, and served the profession through work with organizations and institutions. Trained in computer science and electrical and biomedical engineering, and serving as an MIT faculty for three decades, she has held numerous leadership positions. For 13+ years, she directed the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST), an academic unit with multiple research and training programs for careers in medicine, business, and research. Dr. Gray currently directs MIT linQ which operates several multi-institutional ventures focus on accelerating and deepening early-career researchers’ potential for impact. Over the course of these efforts, she and her team have established a principled methodology for needs identification and opportunity development, and an organizational model that fosters a vibrant multi-stakeholder community necessary for sustained local and global impact.