Development of a Computational Adult Brain Model and Applications to Radiation Dosimetry of Brain Structures During CT Examinations

Date(s) - 09/26/2013
10:00 am

Nelia Sanchez Long, PhD student

This study will focus on the development of a computational brain model to be used in the UF adult reference phantoms. These detailed brain models will allow for the calculation of  radiation doses to suborgan structures in the brain following CT examinations. The work to be completed includes segmentation of a reference male and female brain model, development of a CT slice-specific suborgan brain dose database for 4 different CT scanners, the development of a dosimetry software tool that will provide doses to different parts of the brain using a GUI interface, and evaluation of thyroid dose variations from head CT scans due to differences in thyroid size and anatomical location. The resulting software and results may be used in epidemiology studies regarding glioma risks to patients who have undergone CT examinations.