Some ideas on BMI + BME : Molecular Imaging and Personalized Medicine

Date(s) - 09/24/2012
11:45 am

Dr. Su-Shing- Chen, CISE, UF

BMI and BME are complementary, and their combination may generate significant research results. I would like to present some ideas on molecular imaging and personalized medicine. After a brief introduction of my previous research, I will talk about recent research on cancer research by analysing expression data sets. We have discovered a nice solution to finding important genes or biomarkers of each cancer and thus the resulting target network may be the starting place for drug and therapy design. Furthermore those biomarkers may be connected to the biomarkers in the tumor microenvironments (NCI TMEN). Therefore, not only I will investigate the integration of microarray with medical imaging but also the integration of microarray with TMEN.  Finally, I will discuss molecular imaging and its connections to various biomarkers overly expressed in tumor environment.