Personalized Medicine: How Individual Patient Solutions are Revolutionizing Reconstructive Surgery

Date(s) - 03/11/2019
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Communicore, C1-17

Thomas S. Johnston Jr., M.B.A. President, KLS-Martin Manufacturing

The healthcare industry as a whole is rapidly moving towards the idea of personalized medicine, a treatment methodology tailored to fit a specific patient’s needs. This paradigm shift has gained traction in the medical device industry. Due to revolutionary technological advances, surgical implants can be produced to perfectly fit each individual patient’s anatomy. A surgeon and their industry partners can plan the surgery, and then produce a completely individualized implant based on the ideal treatment of that specific patient. This individual patient solution can speed up surgery and help produce better outcomes. These implants are manufactured using either additive (3d printing) or subtractive (milling) technologies and are creating a manufacturing revolution because they defy many of the traditional manufacturing concepts regarding efficiency and economics of scale. This talk will delve into how these new implants improve surgical efficiency and outcomes, how they are produced and the repercussions in the medical device manufacturing industry.


Thomas S. Johnston is the President of KLS Martin Manufacturing LLC., a medical device manufacturing company specializing in the production of implants designed for each patient’s specific anatomy. He is also the Vice President of Marketing & Operations for KLS Martin LP, a member of the worldwide KLS Martin Group. Prior to his career in the medical device industry, Mr. Johnston served in the Unite States Army as a military intelligence officer from 1994-1998, finishing his service as a Captain. Mr. Johnston earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Latin American Studies from Bucknell University in 1993. He received his EMBA from Jacksonville University in 2014. He has 7 registered patents and 2 pending applications.