Ferris invited to serve as editor-in-chief of the IEEE TNSRE

Dr. Daniel Ferris, Robert W. Adenbaum Professor in the J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Engineering, has been invited to serve as editor-in-chief of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering (TNSRE).

IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering focuses on the rehabilitative and neural aspects of biomedical engineering, including functional electrical stimulation, acoustic dynamics, human performance measurement and analysis, nerve stimulation, electromyography, motor control and stimulation; and hardware and software applications for rehabilitation engineering and assistive devices.

The editor-in-chief and the associate editor reviews manuscript submissions to determine the suitability of the paper for consideration by TNSRE based on its topical relevance, quality, and availability of expertise on the editorial board, and under such circumstances may return the paper without further review. The editor-in-chief position is for a three-year term and is renewable for an additional three years.

The IEEE TNSRE committee looks for successful candidates that demonstrate the scientific vision needed for advancing the quality and prestige of the journal, as well as the editorial experience to raise the journal’s intellectual stature and impact. The editor-in-chief should be a well-known leader who is highly knowledgeable of a broad range of the diverse sub-areas, as well as the emerging developments, of the topic areas of TNSRE.

Congratulations, Dr. Ferris!