GRiP awarded $1000 for the EPICS in IEEE Core Initiative: Access & Abilities

UF student group, GRiP (Generational Relief in Prosthetics), was awarded $1,000 in the EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service program) IEEE Access and Abilities global competition.

EPICS asked that the Access and Abilities proposal should identify an accessibility problem in the local community and detail how the student team will attempt to solve the problem using engineering and technology skills

Through conversations with Dr. Sarah Furtney and GRIP leadership, the Adaptive Gaming Team was identified to be a great fit for this technical challenge.

The proposal outlines the design and fabrication of an assisted gaming device for those with amputated limbs or limb differences. The team hopes to create a more accessible gaming environment for those who can’t use traditional means to play (10 fingers on PC). The device would include mouse input and keyboard input, where our first iteration will allow users to play simpler video game genres such as FPS/Shooter to expand and encompass more genres down the road.

The team aims to match ~10 recipients with their customized devices by April 1st, 2024, and will utilize various unique skills taught through GRiP and an engineering (mainly BME) curriculum.

GRiP is a student organization made up of University of Florida students that make 3D-printed assistive devices, adapt controllers and toys, and conduct research in various areas.




GRIP leadership:

·        Marion Hagstrom, BME undergraduate student & GRIP President

·        Krista Marrocco, ECE undergraduate student & GRIP Adaptive Gaming Project Manager

·        John McCauley, BME undergraduate & GRIP Adaptive Mouse Team Captain

About EPICS:

Across the globe, engineers, students, and community organizations come together to transform lives in their communities through EPICS projects. Since 2009, EPICS has facilitated more than 180 projects in over 30 countries that have impacted more than 291,000 people. In addition to funding, we provide mentorship and greater visibility and recognition of projects.