Industry partner Alafair Biosciences receives FDA clearance for VersaWrap™ Tendon Protector

Congratulations to industry partner Alafair Biosciences who received clearance from the FDA to market and sell its tendon product, VersaWrap™ Tendon Protector, in the U.S.

VersaWrap™ Tendon Protector is an ultrathin, sutureless, bioresorbable hydrogel that protects tendon gliding by separating injured tendon from surrounding tissues.

The unique properties of VersaWrap™ Tendon Protector include an ultrathin profile allowing for application between tight tissues, a sutureless application eliminating the need for sutures or tissue glue, and device bioresorption following tendon healing.

“This ultrathin product gives surgeons the ability to protect tendon gliding in confined areas such as those found in upper extremity,” says Brent Egeland, MD, a hand and plastic surgeon, “and the VersaWrap application procedure is sutureless, which makes it quick and easy to use.”

The VersaWrap™ Tendon Protector is the first product in the VersaWrap™ family of products to receive clearance and is indicated for the management and protection of tendon injuries in which there has been no substantial loss of tendon tissue.

About Alafair Biosciences Inc.

Alafair Biosciences Inc. develops surgical products for soft tissue repair and protection applications. Alafair will be launching VersaWrap™ Tendon Protector directly and through partnerships with some of the world’s major medical device companies.