Mansy receives 2023-2024 Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Undergraduate Teacher of the Year Award

Congratulations to Dr. May Mansy, Instructional Assistant Professor & BME Learning Assistant (LA) Program Director, who received the 2023-2024 Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Undergraduate Teacher of the Year Award.

Undergraduate Teacher of the Year is awarded to faculty who excel in the classroom. Mansy’s teaching philosophy centers on fostering a rigorous learning process in students rather than merely imparting information. Drawing from her background in neuroscience, she implements Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory (ELT), which involves a four-stage learning cycle: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract hypothesis, and active testing.

To ensure the completion of this cycle, Mansy employs several classroom practices. First, she diversifies concrete experiences to engage different sensory areas of the brain, tailoring materials to students’ preferred learning styles identified through surveys. She also connects learning to real-life applications, fostering interest and engagement.

Second, she triggers reflection in students by creating a safe environment for personal sharing and making content relevant to their interests and career aspirations. This emotional engagement enhances motivation and understanding.

Third, she trains the students on the art of abstraction through in-class activities, encouraging students to develop abstract hypotheses and explore alternative pathways to learning.

Finally, she emphasizes active testing, wherein students demonstrate comprehension through assessments designed to assess genuine understanding rather than rote memorization.

Mansy prioritizes students’ mental and emotional well-being, conducting regular mental health checks and fostering a brave environment where confusion is normalized and questions are encouraged. Her approach aligns with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles. It aims to produce lifelong learners with a strong technical outlook, achieved through short-term and long-term feedback mechanisms and exposure to real-world applications.

Her teaching philosophy has garnered significant success, evidenced by high instructor ratings and positive feedback, leading her to establish the BME Learning Assistant (LA) Program to share her approach with other classes and institutions.

Congratulations, Dr. Mansy!