Murfee elected President of the Microcirculatory Society

Congratulations to associate professor Dr. Walter Lee Murfee for being elected President of the Microcirculatory Society.

Murfee’s objective as president is to increase opportunities and improve exposure for members. Murfee has served as Councilor, Secretary and currently as Chair of the Programs and Meetings Committee for the Microcirculatory Society.

Murfee’s research is focused on making scientific discoveries and developing new bioengineering approaches for connecting tissue level function to integrated cellular dynamics. Specifically, his laboratory applies in vivo, in vitro, and computational approaches to investigate the vascular patterning and the functional relationships between angiogenesis and other processes, such as lymphangiogenesis and neurogenesis. Murfee’s work provides valuable insights for the engineering of functional vascularized tissues and for understanding vascular dysfunction associated with multiple pathological conditions, such as aging, hypertension and tumor growth.

The mission of the the Microcirculatory Society is to actively encourage and promote all forms of innovative research and teaching, leading to an increase in understanding of microcirculatory function in health and disease.