Nichols accepted into U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative Young Investigators Program

UF BME assistant professor, Dr. Jennifer A. Nichols, has been invited to participate as a mentee in the United States Bone and Joint Initiative/Bone and Joint Canada Young Investigator Initiative (YII) Grant Mentoring and Career Development Program. 

The YII is a grant mentoring and career development program that aims to increase the pipeline of clinician and basic scientists undertaking musculoskeletal research studies. The purpose of the YII program is to provide experienced and supportive mentoring in how to construct a well-founded research proposal and secure funding for basic, translational or clinical research.

The unique aspect of this program is the opportunity for attendees to maintain a relationship with a mentor until their application is funded. A benefit of participation is the inter-disciplinary exchange of knowledge that takes place and understanding of the importance of collaborations.

The YII provides opportunities to investigators who will become thought-leaders in their discipline, working on innovations to improve care.

Congratulations, Dr. Nichols!