UF BME Alumni – Jamal Lewis, Ph.D.

Jamal Lewis, PH.D.

Education: B.Sc. Chemical Engineering – Florida A&M University, M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering – North Carolina State University, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering – University of Florida

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica; Georgetown, Guyana

Why UF BME: At the time when I joined, I was interested in working with world-renowned faculty such as Anthony Brennan and Larry Hench.

What’s your favorite UF BME memory: BME Spring picnics are amongst my favorite moments. The ‘dunk tank’ is one event I think most grad students looked forward to every year. It’s not often that students get to exact some frustration…

What are your hobbies: I enjoy watching/ playing soccer (football), The Arsenal, and cricket. I also do a bit of gardening to relax.

What’s your passion that keeps you motivated to be in the Biomedical Industry: The things that keep me going are, first, my curiosity and marvel of human physiology. The human body is an incredible system and one frontier where there is still so much to learn. I also have a huge drive for addressing physiological dysfunction which probably the main reason I’m in this field. Most of the projects I pursue are primarily therapeutic and that is no coincidence. I believe it’s critical to ask questions about science but, for me, it’s more important we apply whatever we learn to help humans in disease.