O’Dell receives funding from the Florida Department of Health

Congratulations to BME affiliate faculty Dr. Walter O’Dell, an assistant professor in UF’s department of radiation oncology, who received funding from the Florida Department of Health to support cancer research efforts. The grants are funded by the Bankhead-Coley Cancer Research Program and the James and Esther King Biomedical Research Program.

Funding, which will be distributed by March 15, was awarded to eight universities and cancer research centers for 17 research projects, according to the department. The University of Florida is one of them. It received $4,542,030 for six research projects.

One of UF’s six projects, led by O’Dell, will examine the effects of radiation to the lungs in breast cancer patients. The goal is to quantify the amount of damage patients have and how it progresses over time.

This project will measure how much proton therapy reduces radiation damage in comparison to traditional X-ray radiation. Proton therapy, a form of radiation using protons, can better control where the radiation goes and minimize damage to healthy tissues.

The project will also look at proteins in the bloodstream to see if certain patients are more susceptible to experiencing long-term damage from radiation treatment.

More information: http://odell.radonc.med.ufl.edu/MIACALab/

Congratulations, Dr. O’Dell!