Pinning and Commencement Ceremony 2017

On April 30, UF BME recognized the hard work of our students with a graduation reception and pinning ceremony at the Reitz Union Rion Ballroom to celebrate the new class of bachelors graduates. Faculty, staff, family and friends all gathered to recognize the 34 students in this year’s class.

The program consisted of messages from Dr. Christine E. Schmidt, Pruitt Family Professor and department chair, Dr. Carlos Rinaldi, professor and senior associate chair, Dr. Stephen Arce, BME lecturer and ABET coordinator and Dr. David Gilland, associate professor and undergraduate coordinator.

BME graduates Kaileigh Rock and Rafael Marin, were selected to serve as the 2017 class speakers and both gave a heartfelt address during the ceremony. In addition, each of the students shared his or her favorite BME memory.

The program concluded with the much-anticipated pinning ceremony in which the graduates received a special department pin to recognize their alumni status. These custom-designed pins recognize our graduating students for their achievements and serve as a guiding reminder of excellence and research to improve human health.

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Congratulations to the 2017 class!

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering
Sebastian Arango – graduated with highest honors
Tunde Balogun – graduated with honors
Noah Barnes
Megan Bernier – graduated with honors
   HWCOE University Scholar, 2016-2017
Michael Brodsky  
Olivia Christ – graduated with honors
Melissa Franklin – graduated with high honors
Cory French – graduated with highest honors
   HWCOE University Scholar, 2015-2016
Madeline Fuchs – graduated with highest honors
Anna Gams – graduated with highest honors
Monique Goldsmith – graduated with honors
Madison Greco – graduated with honors
Malek Hamed – graduated with highest honors
   HWCOE University Scholar, 2015-2016
Samantha Haus – graduated with high honors
Ella Hoogenboezem – graduated with highest honors
   NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2017
   Attributes of a Gator Engineer Award, 2017-2018
Chenan Huang – graduated with honors
Jason Huang – graduated with honors
Hammad Huda
   HWCOE University Scholar, 2015-2016
Laura Kanouse – graduated with high honors
Michael Kracht – graduated with honors
Anne-Marie Krueger 
Jonathan Le – graduated with highest honors
Chase Lee
Rafael Marin – graduated with high honors
   Attributes of a Gator Engineer Award, 2017-2018
Jo Ann Martin – graduated with high honors
Bridgette Morgan – graduated with honors
Neal Patel 
Jake Pistiner – graduated with high honors
   Attributes of a Gator Engineer Award, 2017-2018
Anthony Powers – graduated with honors
Robert Rautenkranz
Kaileigh Rock – graduated with honors
Bhavya Sheth – graduated with high honors
Bruce Yang – graduated with honors
Vicky Qianru Zhang – graduated with high honors

Pinning Sponsors:
Dr. Kyle Allen                  
Dr. Jose E. Aguirre               
Dr. Stephen Arce               
Dr. Wesley Bolch               
Dr. Bryan P. Conrad               
Mrs. Diane Danek               
Dr. Mingzhou Ding               
Dr. Jon Dobson               
Ms. Amanda Eifert               
Dr. David Gilland               
Dr. Anthony Guiseppi-Elie 
Dr. Aysegul Gunduz         

Dr. Gregory Hudalla               
Dr. Benjamin Keselowsky           
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Ruth McFetridge       
Dr. Gary and Suzy Miller               
Dr. Richard Morin               
Dr. Brandi Ormerod               
Dr. Kevin Otto                   
Dr. Edward Phelps               
Dr. Winfred M. Phillips               
Dr. Parisa Rashidi               
Dr. Carlos Rinaldi                
Dr. Christine Schmidt               
Dr. James Schumacher               
Dr. Blanka Sharma               
Dr. Hans van Oostrom               
Dr. Bruce Wheeler                
Mrs. Karen Zaderej               
Michael Masem               
Leo, Claire and Robert Adenbaum Foundation
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