Pinning and Commencement Ceremony 2018

On May 6, UF BME recognized the hard work of our students with a graduation reception and pinning ceremony at the Reitz Union Rion Ballroom to celebrate the new class of bachelors graduates. Faculty, staff, family and friends all gathered to recognize the 38 students in this year’s class.

The program consisted of messages from Dr. Christine E. Schmidt, J. Crayton Pruitt Family Chair and department chair, Dr. Daniel Ferris, Robert W. Adenbaum Professor and senior associate chair, Dr. Stephen Arce, BME lecturer, and Dr. Kyle Allen, associate professor, associate chair for undergraduate studies & J. Crayton Pruitt Family Term Fellow.

BME graduate Lauren Northrup, was selected to serve as the 2018 class speaker and gave a heartfelt address during the ceremony. UF BME alumnus, Abigail Nabors, spoke about how proud she was to be a biomedical engineer and the importance of connecting with your peers to have a strong support system. 

The program concluded with the much-anticipated pinning ceremony in which the graduates received a special department pin to recognize their alumni status. These custom-designed pins recognize our graduating students for their achievements and serve as a guiding reminder of excellence and research to improve human health. 

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Congratulations to the class of 2018!

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering
Samuel Armington – graduated with the highest honors
Alexa Avecilla – graduated with high honors
Dana Bassan 
John “Jack” Beitter – graduated with high honors 
Joshua Berko – graduated with high honors
Nicole Bohmann – graduated with honors
Haley Bross – graduated with honors
Omblique Brown
Zachary Bryant
Rachel DeNapoli – graduated with honors
    HWCOE University Scholar, 2017-2018
Michele Dill – graduated with the highest honors
   HWCOE University Scholar, 2016-2017
Wisam Fares – graduated with the highest honors
   HWCOE University Scholar, 2016-2017
Jorge Figueras – graduated with the highest honors
   HWCOE University Scholar, 2016-2017
Cassandra Frisch – graduated with honors
John “Wesley” Garrett – graduated with high honors
Nicholas Gregory – graduated with honors
Noa Grooms – graduated with honors
Nicholas Hilborn – graduated with honors
Ian Ix – graduated with honors
Daniel Llanes – graduated with honors
John Meisenheimer – graduated with honors
Catherine Miney – graduated with honors
Phoebe Nimocks – graduated with high honors
Lauren Northrup – graduated with honors
Austin Nowacki
Jacqueline Palmer – graduated with honors
Deep Patel – graduated with the highest honors
Margaret “Meggie” Pires-Fernandes – graduated with the highest honors
   HWCOE University Scholar, 2016-2017
   Attributes of a Gator Engineer Award, 2018-2109
Matthew Ruppert – graduated with honors
Rachna Sannegowda – graduated with high honors
Emily Schofield – graduated with high honors
Sruthi Selvakumar – graduated with honors
James Spinella-Mamo – graduated with honors
Maria van Olphen – graduated with honors
   HWCOE University Scholar, 2016-2017
Natalie Vaughn – graduated with the highest honors
Huzaifa Wasanwala – graduated with honors
   HWCOE University Scholar, 2016-2017
Jeremy Zhang – graduated with honors

Pinning Sponsors:
Jose Aguirre

Dr. Kyle Allen
Dr. Stephen Arce
Dr. Victoria Bird
Dr. Wesley Bolch
Jerry Chang
Samantha Cocco
Dr. Bryan Conrad
Anthony Davis
Dr. Jack DiGiovanna
Michael Dill
Dr. Mingzhou Ding
Dr. Jon Dobson
Dr. Ruogu Fang
Dr. Daniel Ferris
Anna Gams
Dr. Anthony Guiseppi-Elie
Dr. Aysegul Gunduz
Sarah Guttery
Emily Hester
Dr. Yong Huang
Dr. Greg Hudalla
Aaron Johnston
Dr. Kori Juno
Dr. Benjamin Keselowsky
Kevin Knox
Dr. Jamal Lewis
Michael Masem
Dr. Peter McFetridge
Dr. Gary Miller
Dr. Albina Mikhaylova
Leslie Morgan
Dr. Richard Morin
Dr. Lee Murfee
Abigail Nabors
Dr. Jennifer Nichols
Dr. Brandi Ormerod
Dr. Kevin Otto
Dr. Edwards Phelps
Paul Print
Lesa Phillips
Dr. Win Phillips
Dr. Parisa Rashidi
Brandon Reso
Dr. Carlos Rinaldi
Dr. Sarah Rowlinson
Dr. Christine Schmidt
Dr. Jim Schumacher
Dr. Blanka Sharma
Dr. John Sheets
Matt Shore
Dr. Cherie Stabler
JJ Szwanke
Troy Templin
Dr. Hans van Oostrom
Dr. Bruce Wheeler
Dr. John White
Tara Wind
Karen Zaderej
(3) Anonymous