Predoctoral student awarded NIH NIAAA Fellowship

Joseph Cox, a predoctoral researcher specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for biomedical data and healthcare, has been awarded a highly competitive Fellowship from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The fellowship, funded through the T32 grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), is part of the Southern HIV and Alcohol Research Consortium (SHARC) Training Program.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Ruogu Fang, Cox will contribute his expertise to advance research at the intersection of alcohol use, HIV, and related health conditions. His unique background, coupled with a personal commitment to these critical health issues, positions him as a valuable addition to the SHARC program.

In his statement expressing enthusiasm for the fellowship, Cox highlighted his extensive experience in AI and machine learning, particularly in analyzing diverse biomedical data sets. He emphasized his passion for leveraging advanced technologies to improve understanding and interventions in alcohol consumption patterns, HIV, and comorbid conditions.

Cox’s proposed projects include the utilization of wearable devices for real-time monitoring of blood alcohol concentration, analyzing biosensor data using AI techniques, and exploring clinical medical record data for insights into alcohol use, HIV, and associated health issues. He is eager to collaborate with SHARC’s multidisciplinary team and contribute to impactful papers and innovative solutions.

The NIH fellowship recognizes Cox’s potential to drive groundbreaking research and contribute significantly to addressing pressing health challenges. His dedication to advancing knowledge and improving healthcare outcomes reflects SHARC’s commitment to excellence in research and education.