Rinaldi lab research highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News article

Research published by the Rinaldi lab in 2013 was recently highlighted in a news article in Chemical & Engineering News reporting on a recent publication describing the disruption of lysosomes using targeted magnetic nanoparticles in so-called dynamic magnetic fields. The study, published in ACS Nano is similar to the Rinaldi lab’s discovery that receptor-targeted magnetic nanoparticles that internalize into lysosomes cause cancer cell death through lysosomal death pathways when an alternating magnetic field is applied. This new demonstration provides further evidence of the possibility of directing cell fate using energy delivered at the nanoscale by magnetic nanoparticles.

The Chemical & Engineering News article can be found at: http://cen.acs.org/articles/92/web/2014/03/Spinning-Magnetic-Nanoparticles-Destroy-Cancer.html