Semester: Fall

Biomedical Data Science 6938

Covers the biomedical applications of data science techniques, which include pre-processing techniques, machine learning data analysis, and data visualization techniques.

Biomedical Engineering & Physiology I: BME 5401

Physiology of cells, bones, and the circulatory system from a biomaterials, biomechanics, cellular, and tissure engineering perspective. Intellectual property and technology transfer included.

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering: BME 1008

Introduction to and overview of biomedical engineering. Lectures will be given by faculty expert in an area of biomedical engineering.┬áThe goal is to give beginning students an appreciation for the breadth of the field and to guide them in making… Read More

Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals: BME 3060

Working specifically within the framework of biomedical engineering applications, this course provides the engineering fundamentals of the conservation laws of mass, energy, charge and momentum.